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Ripple Swell '21
Ripple Swell '21
Ripple Swell '21
Ripple Swell '21
Ripple Swell '21
Ripple Swell '21
Ripple Swell '21

Ripple Swell ’21

Creative direction for the fintech virtual event Ripple Swell 2021. For the second consecutive year, Wookmama was tasked by Ripple with the creative direction for Ripple Swell, their flagship event about all things cryptos, blockchains and the future of payments. With the talented folks in the Ripple design team, we created a concept built upon the idea of unlocking boundaries; because of where we’ve all been in our professional and personal lives over the last couple of years, now is the time to slowly get back to a certain normality and going even further, unlocking boundaries as they arise. The visual translation of the concept was by creating a rich and abstract work, which is constantly evolving, layer upon layer. Like last year, Cher Ami has been our digital partner for the web experience with an evolving and customizable event’s landing page. We teamed up with the amazing studio Builder’s Club from London to give life to the key visual and teaser of the event. The stage design was built following the same layers construction, in collaboration with Charlie & Sprocket and Circle. Lastly, for the audience to unwind between the sessions, we built a virtual gallery; Produced by Cher Ami, the gallery is an immersive web experience where we can enjoy 3D, animated and / or interactive artwork in a unique way, from amazing artists coming from all over the world. While the Swell Gallery was born for the private event, it is now open to the public. Experience it here.

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